Author: Warren Robbins


Why anal bleaching is popular

The phenomenon of anal bleaching certainly caught the world off-guard. It involves lightening of the skin around the anus and is commonly practiced by women. In fact, some men even do it now.

Sometimes known as anal lightening, the dark pigmentation in and around the anus is lightened resulting in an even color tone. There have been health concerns raised about the whole process of bleaching since the anus is a delicate part of the body

Using bleaching creams

The bleaching process is done when bleaching creams are applied on the anus. Some contain Hydroquinone mercury which is a lightening chemical that reduces the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin naturally darkens the skin to protect it from UV rays. Women, mostly, bleach their anuses for various reasons.


Why you should do it

One of the reasons you should do anal bleaching is to maintain your youth. The aging process causes the skin to darken around the private parts including the anus. Darker pigmentation naturally appears because of unavoidable natural hormonal changes. The dark discoloration is frowned upon by many women who want to look fresh and remain attractive to their partners with whom they share intimate moments with. Anal bleaching creams help lighten the anus and keep it looking smooth and fresh, reflecting youthfulness.


The other reason why people bleach their anus is that of media influence. Adult film actresses bleach their anuses to look good for the cameras. They admittedly look attractive and thus this trend has picked up after adult film actresses have popularized it as much.

Suddenly, it does not look like a bad idea to have your private parts bleached. The reason for this is because a lot of premium is placed on the image, the media will glorify and affirm what looks beautiful and certainly light skin is the standard of beauty. So those who are fans of such films will be enamored by the idea.


Another reason you need to do anal bleaching is just for grooming. Just like applying moisturizer on your skin or having nail polish, you want every area of your body to look flattering. Some people go the extra mile in doing so, and anal lightening is just another way.


If you want to do anal bleaching, make sure you seek the services of a professional, preferably a medical doctor. Most people go wrong when they seek services done in unprofessional spas. The reason you should seek a professional is to limit your chances of getting infections and depigmentation. What you should consider is that anal lightening is not permanent and probably, the skin will darken again after some time.

Visit and learn how to do the procedure safely and effectively.


Hacks To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have multiple negative effects on our health and happiness. You cannot be healthy and happy if you are stressed and anxious. This is because stress and anxiety affect the brain, which controls all body functions. Hence once the brain is affected, all other body parts will not function normally. The good news is that you can avoid all these complications by learning various approaches to relieve stress and anxiety. Some of these approaches are so simple that many people ignore them thinking that the only way to relieve stress and anxiety is by following complicated strategies. Here are a few ways you can relieve stress and anxiety

Ways to relieve stress and anxiety

1. Do what you enjoy

verhety5y46jyutrteDoing something you enjoy will give you time to relax and have fun. Take a break and engage in activities that will cool your mind and lower cortisol (a hormone associated with stress). You may do this by listening to cool music, preparing your favorite meal, watching your much-loved movie, or going for shopping.

2. Sleep well

Stress and sleep are correlated. Stress causes insomnia, and lack of sleep causes stress. Therefore you can lower stress and anxiety by having enough sleep. The surroundings have a significant impact on your sleep. For you to sleep well, you need to proper preparation. Ensure that your beddings are clean and comfortable, go to bed early, dim the lights, turn off the TV and allow yourself some time to relax before starting to sleep.

You can decide to go through your photo album just to relax your mind by remembering those lifetime experiences. Most importantly is to ensure that no noise around your bedroom could interfere with your sleep. Be assured that you will wake up a better person, relieved from stress and anxiety, if you implement this.

3. Eat well

You can relieve stress and anxiety by eating right foods such as fruits and vegetables, omega-3 fats, valerian, green tea, healthy fats and lean proteins. Avoid caffeine, refined sugars and alcohol.

4. Reach out

verhety5y46jyutrteYour social network can help you relieve stress and anxiety. Call your close friends and spend time with them. Talk through the stress and laugh it off. When you laugh, you release endorphins, which control adrenaline and cortisol (hormones that cause stress) and boost mood.

5. Exercise

This does not necessarily mean going to the gym or setting aside an hour daily. You can take a short walk around your home garden or move around the office or shake and dance. Exercises improve blood circulation and can boost your mood. They also engage your mind hence no room for stress and anxiety.